Monday, May 19, 2014

AHS to graduate 135 on Saturday

AHS students from the class of 2013 toss their caps into the air at last year's commencement ceremony. 135 seniors are slated to receive diplomas on Saturday.

Arkadelphia High School will graduate 135 seniors Saturday, May 24, at the Duke Wells HPER Gymnasium on the campus of Henderson State University, according to Principal David Maxwell. The ceremony begins at 10:00 A.M.

Noah Dean McMillion, the son of Amanda and Bud McMillion, will deliver the Summa Cum Laude speech. Noah is a member of the Arkadelphia High School Band where he plays the Trombone. He is also the captain of the Arkadelphia High School State Champion Quiz Bowl Team. Noah is a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Arkadelphia.

The seniors chose Steve Patterson, English Teacher and Coach, to deliver the faculty challenge, which will be responded to by 2013-14 Student Council President, Dalton Owen Huerkamp.

Summa cum laude graduates have earned a GPA of 4.001 or better and a composite ACT score of 21 or better with no sub scores lower than 19. Summa cum laude graduates at the time of publication include the following: Johanna Caroline Baker, Michelle Ashley Carter, Christopher Edward Clark, Madeline Danielle Cook, Jessica Anne Cornelius, Seth Hayden Daniell, Adason Jeanette Franks, Emily Dawn Hilton, Danielle Fong Ho, Dalton Owen Huerkamp, Jacob Austin Knight, Kelsey Marie Kobe, John Franklin Matros, Noah Dean McMillion, Hunter Drake Penfield, Cameron James Ray, Riley Renea Rorie, Callie Elizabeth Smith, Alexa Nicole Spinks, Spencer Elizabeth Tuggle, Michael Austin White, Rachel Leigh White.

Parents of these graduates and of those who achieve Magna cum laude (GPA of 3.750 to 4.000 and a composite ACT score of 20 or better with no sub score lower than 19), Cum laude (GPA of 3.500 to 3.749 and a composite ACT score of 19 or better with no sub score lower than 19), and/or Advanced Diploma status will present medallions to their children who have earned these distinctions.

Senior class officers will direct the welcome, the Pledge of Allegiance, the introductions of McMillion and Patterson, and the closing. Officers include Alec Cole Groom, President; Haley Nicole Harvell, Vice President; ShaNaudakia Hunter, Secretary; Michael Austin White, Treasurer; and Bailey Elizabeth Almond, Reporter.

The AHS JROTC Color Guard will open commencement. The AHS Band, under the direction of Jim Lloyd, will play the processional and the alma mater. Diplomas will be awarded by Dr. Donnie Whitten, superintendent of the Arkadelphia Public Schools, and Mr. David Maxwell, Principal of AHS. Assisting with the diplomas will be Ms. Cheryl Merk and Ms. Carla Narlesky, assistant AHS principals, and Mr. Randy Hicks, Dean of Students.

Escorts for the Class of 2014 will be juniors who have earned the top grade points and include the following: Kaleb Reid, Matt Savage, Sierra Westberg, and Julie Williams.

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Safety Focus Week at Central Primary

Deputy George Hawthorn shows Central Primary students features of his patrol car that help him perform his duties to serve and protect the community. 

Deputy Don Deaton discusses water safety with Central Primary students and teaches them about "Reach, throw, don't go." If someone is struggling to stay afloat, reach to assist them with a boat paddle or similar item, not with your hand. Keep something between you and the other person so that you are not pulled in with them. Throw a life saver or life jacket to the person in need of help and don't go into the water to help, as you may be pulled under, too. Always wear a life jacket when around water. 

Central Primary's safety focus week kicked off Monday morning with a visit from Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson and his deputies. Safety focus week activities will continue throughout the week for Central students with a variety of valuable lessons being taught by special guests each day. Other safety topics to be covered include Internet, weather, bicycle, fire and personal health. As part of Thursday's fire safety lesson, free smoke detectors will be provided to everyone who attends the evening demonstration at 6 P.M. in Central Primary's auditorium. A stuffed animal drive is also underway as part of safety week. Donate your new or gently used stuffed animals at Central Primary. 
“A little comfort can go a long way during a stressful time.” 
-Charlotte Dewitt, CPS Counselor 

At the end of the week, CPS will deliver the donated stuffed animals to the local police and sheriff's office for them to distribute to children who are involved in emergency situations. A little comfort can go a long way during a stressful time.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

AHS Choral Department presents "State Fair"

The AHS Choral Department presents "State Fair" opening Friday, May 2, at 7 P.M. Showtimes continue on Saturday at 3 and 7 P.M., and conclude on Sunday with the final performance at 3 P.M. Tickets cost $5 in advance or $7 at the door. Call ahead to (870)245-8133 or (870)245-8120.

From the cast - 

Katlynn Williams, AHS junior, as Vivian- “I love that moment when we’re on stage and we have the realization of ‘Wow, this is why I love doing this!’ Performing… it’s a beautiful, hectic, wonderful experience and I’m glad to be part of it with such great people!” 
Jessica Cornelius, AHS senior, as Margy Frake- “Being in the musical is amazing! There are so many people who want to do their best to make this play the best it can be and I am honored to work alongside all of them!”
Julie Williams, AHS junior, as Emily Arden- “Everyone involved in the musical is a gifted and dedicated performer and we all love coming together to perform. We are always excited to get started and a little depressed to see it end. We appreciate all the dedication from our director, parents, and friends who have worked tirelessly to make it all come together beautifully!”

Sloan Wayland, AHS junior, as Judge Heppenstahl- “Ain’t no swine finer than Iowa swine!”

Makayla Bird, AHS junior, as Eleanor- “The musical is always a great way to bring the choir closer as a family and every year we laugh and joke and have a good time. I love it and I love everyone involved.”
Kenny Taggard, AHS graduate ('13), as Wayne Frake- “The Arkadelphia choral program is filled with wonderful people and amazing talent. There's so much potential, and I hope they continue to take hold of it.”

Act I

It is late summer 1946 on the Frake family farm in Brunswick, Iowa. The Frakes are preparing to leave for the Iowa State Fair. Father, Abel, is confident his prize boar, Blue Boy, will win a blue ribbon, but neighbor, Dave Miller, isn’t so sure. He makes a $5 bet that something is bound to go wrong for at least one member of the family. Abel accepts the bet. Abel’s wife, Melissa, has her heart set on a blue ribbon for her mincemeat. Son, Wayne, is disappointed that his girlfriend has to stay at home. Daugh­ter, Margy, is feeling down and doesn’t understand why. Her suitor, Harry, pressures her for an answer to his long-standing marriage proposal; she agrees to give him an answer when she returns home.

So it’s off to the Fair. Arriving at the midway, Wayne heads straight for the ring toss where he is hus­tled by the barker. A glamorous woman intercedes on Wayne’s behalf He is smitten before he even gets to know who she is. At the beer tent, Abel and his cronies sit around trading stories about their loved ones. Meanwhile, a young and somewhat world-weary reporter, Pat Gilbert, arrives to cover the Fair. He sets his sights on Margy, who remains aloof until he begins to win her over. Wayne happens by the Starlight Dance Meadow in time to catch the floor show. The star attraction is Emily Arden, the woman he met earlier in the day. Over a beer she tells Wayne she is determined to become a Broadway star. He asks for a date, charming her with his boyish enthusiasm. She agrees, but on her terms.

The next morning, Margy bemoans the life Harry is planning for them. Abel is so excited at the prospect of victory and winning his bet with Dave Miller that he proposes an evening of family fun and dancing.

At the Exhibit Hall that afternoon the pickles and mincemeat are being judged. As it happens, Me­lissa’s mincemeat has been amply spiked, which sends the judges into giggles of delight. She wins the blue ribbon and a special plaque. Pat is on hand to capture the euphoric moment. From a moonlit hill, Wayne and Emily watch the fair below. He has fallen head over heels, but she remains cautious.

At the Starlight Dance Meadow fairgoers gather for a dreamy waltz. Abel and Melissa dance roman­tically, Wayne and Emily arrive with a distinct glow, and Pat and Margy share a first tentative kiss as Harry arrives unexpectedly.

Act II

It is the final day of the Fair. Despite Harry’s presence, Pat and Margy are clearly growing fonder of each other. As Margy rushes off to cheer for Blue Boy, Pat’s friends help him realise he is no longer his old self. Blue Boy is finally declared the winner of the hog-judging competition, and Abel cannot contain his joy.

Pat learns he has landed the Chicago job interview he has been waiting for, but it means catching the next train out of town. Reluctant to leave Margy in the lurch, he races off just as she arrives for their date. The scene shifts to the Starlight Dance Meadow and Emily Arden’s final performance. Both women realise their relationships are in trouble. Later that night Wayne proclaims his love for Emily, but she breaks it off. Back at the family campsite, Abel and Melissa are basking in their victories. Melissa is concerned about the children, but Abel assures her that they have each other. Wayne staggers in having drowned his sorrows. In his stupor, however, his thoughts turn to his girl back home. Under­standingly, Abel helps his son "Walk it off." On the darkened midway Margy is still waiting for Pat. The Fair is almost over, and she realises he is probably not coming. Harry enters, pleading to Margy to accept his proposal. She can’t - she realises she just doesn’t love him.

The Frakes return home. There is a spread in the local newspaper chronicling their adventures at the Fair, written of course by Pat Gilbert without any of them knowing. Dave Miller reminds Abel that the $5 bet hinged on everyone having a good time at the Fair, and whilst Wayne is thrilled to be home and is making big plans with his girlfriend, Margy seems a little low. At that very moment, who should arrive but Pat, out of breath and full of apologies, but he has just landed the job in Chicago and wants Margy to join him there. The lovers rush into each other’s arms as Miller reluctantly hands over the five dollars.

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