Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kindness Starts With ME

Kindness Starts With Me Week / Bullying Prevention Week

Central Primary School students kicked off their week-long “Kindness Starts With Me” campaign this morning with an assembly featuring guest speakers from several local businesses and agencies including Amanda Fennochi, from the Ross Foundation, Ron Wright, with the Dawson Education Cooperative, Clark County Sheriff Jason Watson, Clark County Prosecuting Attorney Blake Batson, Arkadelphia Mayor Chuck Hollingshead and Shelley Loe, the Executive Vice President Arkadelphia Alliance and Area Chamber of Commerce.

Each presenter was introduced by a CPS student, and the guest speakers’ messages for the CPS student body ranged from personal testimonies about the positive impact of kindness and the negative effects of bullying to a proclamation issued by the mayor proclaiming January 22-25 a bully-free week at Central Primary School. CPS students and staff were also sworn-in as Jr. Deputies by Watson, who made kindness and bullying prevention part of everyone’s responsibilities. The event concluded with a ribbon cutting to signify the beginning of the week’s upcoming activities, which promote treating others kindly and with respect as well as raising awareness of bullying.

“As parents and teachers, the single most important thing we can do to teach our kids to treat others with kindness is to do so ourselves,” CPS Principal Melinda Morris said.


By Sean Ruggles, APS Communications Director

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